Harald Greve Høiby

Current activities

last updated: 19-05-2023

Exam season

I’m excited! I like going to exams, but I hate prepping for them, mostly because I don’t commit and therefore have to re-decide every half-hour if I want to study.

This year I have made a realistic and spacious reading plan, and have a deal to meet with people from my class every day at the same times.

Reading books

I just can't stop! 5 weeks ago I got super excited and started 7 (not counting fiction) books at once, and I am now excitingly finishing them and typing up notes one by one.

If you wonder, the books are: "nonviolent communication" - Marshall Mosenberg, "Ideavirus" - Seth Godin, "the courage to be disliked" - Ichiro kishimi, "Draft no. 4" - John mcPhee, "Slow productivity" - Cal Newport, "So good they can't ignore you" - Cal Newport, and "on writing well" William Zinsser

Hello to nownownow-people!

If you are here from Derek Sivers' recent announcement of nownownow in his newsletter, we might be each others kind of people, so come say hi at harald@grevehoiby.dk!